Introducing: SB Vintage 21

Introducing: SB Vintage 21

On  the 27th & the 28th of  November 2021,  the SIP SHOP socialize pop up event will take place in Suriname where @thehouseofslocabaia will also participate. We have made a special collection which you can buy during this event or "Pre order" via . This collection consist of three icon design by Slocabaia and Motev.

FRSMNG. is an abbreviation for a Surinamese term FRISMANG! The word FRSMNG is a compliment to anyone who looks well-dressed. In 2017 we printed and presented this for the first time and 4 years later we are re-releasing it in the limited '' SB VINTAGE 21'' collection.

We officially launched The Classic Slocabaia T-shirt in December 2017. Then a version of it came out in March 2021. Now we  are adding a special version to  the "SB VINTAGE 21"

The Fresh Prince of Squid Game is a compilation of Will Smith's Fresh Prince of Bel Air and the South Korean hit series Squid Game. The idea behind it is quite interesting, because it originated when Le-Roy (CEO of Slocabaia) had to find a costume for a Halloween party. The idea behind this inspired graphic designer Motev and eventually decided to add it to his NFT collection.

Would you also like to be part of our special collection? Don't forget to buy your favorite T-shirt during this event or "pre-order" via


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