I heard of Slocabaia in 2019, back when the brand had just started to gain buzz. At first, I have to be completely honest, I thought to myself, "ugh, not another clothing brand." I'm talking about the glory days of independent artists creating their own lines of clothing. Hundreds of people saturated the market with merchandise and I was so fed up! Everyone that knows me, knows I'm different, always unique and unapologetically myself, so the need for me to express myself through "special" clothing is quite essential.

As years went by, Slocabaia upped their game immensely and suddenly you could feel a voice speaking to you through the brand. That's called a brand voice. I immediately followed Slocabaia on social media and kept my eyes on the content they were producing. Slocabaia was not "just another merchandise dream" anymore; it was becoming an empire with a story to tell. That gave a fresh, youthful, creative, but most of all, progressive feeling. I became a huge supporter of the brand because I realized that they were catering to my kind - creative, rebellious, progressive, and die-hard hustlers.

I am a creator at heart, so keeping up with Slocabaia's content was just adding to my hobby and not taking away any of my valuable time. I was enjoying myself. "Ping" - a message came in. "Hey, I want to gift you a shirt," said a message straight from the owner of Slocabaia. I was completely shocked and grateful and got my shirt three days later. I chose the light yellow Sloca t-shirt and got it in size XL so it would fit my body rather baggy.

And let me tell y'all! Don't let people tell you how comfortable these shirts are and how great they smell when you unpack them! The cotton is A1, and these are the type of shirts that just make you want to be like, "damn, even if I have to handwash you, I will!" I fell in love immediately. It felt like a second skin and definitely paired w ell with my shorts and white Huaraches. The world was mine in that shirt! When I went on set to manage and produce an interview production for my job, I immediately felt a sense of confidence, progressiveness, and a line of creativity streaming down my blood and boiling within me.

I felt so progressive, and to think that that only happened because that's what Slocabaia the brand stands for and that's what they sell. You never buy a shirt, a hoodie, or even the booty pants; you buy courage, willpower, and strength to keep doing what your heart yearns for the most! And that is to be unapologetically yourself and make sure that you don't cement yourself to one spot but rather keep moving to feed your passions' desires.

"And when you want something, all the universe conspires to help you achieve it."

Paulo Coelho

Thank you for being born, Slocabaia 

Lydi-ann Resodimedjo